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Windows of Lucidity - Clear Barriers [EP] (2017)

Windows of Lucidity - Clear Barriers [EP] (2017)

Genre: Progressive Deathcore
Country: USA
Quality: 320 kbps

01. The Death Note (Ft. Eli Truitt of Mugshot)
02. When Pigs Fly (Ft. Michael Salazar of One Vote For Violence)
03. Conversation Space (Ft. Joseph Flores of Peasant Hands)
04. Clear Barriers (Ft. Kylle Reece of Demon and Me & Michael Demko of Mensis)
05. A Slight Layer of Dust (Interlude)
06. Hate(less) (Ft. Calvin Gines of Inversions)
07. Book Of Lies (Ft. Ian McAlister of Every Hand Betrayed)

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Date:  August 17, 2017. 02:14 pm
Tags:  Deathcore