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Daniel Simpson - Never Enough // You Made Me Go Black (2017)

Daniel Simpson - Never Enough // You Made Me Go Black (2017)

Genre: Metalcore / Post-Hardcore
Country: USA

01. Down & Dirty - Never Enough (with Daniel Simpson)
02. At The Ruins - You Made Me Go Black (with Daniel Simpson)
Daniel Simpson:
Hey guys, time to learn about a fairly unknown time in my life. So a lot of people ask why I stopped making music, so here's a brief explanation from my perspective. Keep in mind, this involves several people from several countries, so I'm aware some details could possibly be off due to miscommunication. After I parted ways with Death of an Era and started No Man an Island, I was approached by a Sumerian Records band who had recently lost their vocalist to a bigger band. The bands I'm talking about here are Down & Dirty / Asking Alexandria. After Denis left for AA, the remaining members searched for a replacement. I was contacted by @chrisnokiaa and auditioned with a cover, then went on to do a couple tracks with the band, flew out to California to meet a couple of the members, and eventually was accepted as an actual member. Very shortly after this, Denis decided to put the rights to the band up for sale. A former member of the band put up the money, so we all found ourselves out of the new lineup. That being said, one of the former Russian members, @stasbelove, released a version of one of the tracks we wrote for D&D with his new band, At The Ruins. If you want to hear the tunes I did for Down & Dirty, shoot me a message and I'll email them to you. With all those bands falling through, I took it as a sign from the universe that I shouldn't keep pursuing that path, though I'm not saying I would never do music again. That's making a very long story short 👍🏻

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Date:  July 25, 2017. 02:30 am