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Funeral For A Friend R.I.P. (2001-2015)

Funeral For A Friend R.I.P. (2001-2015)

Dear friends, fans and anyone who has ever given a shit about us and our band over the past fifteen years.

Its never easy putting into words the feeling you have for something that in many ways is intangible. We've written this over and over and sometimes it feel like we're missing something. But this needs to be written regardless so here goes.

Today we announce the end of Funeral for a Friend. Yes, the end. Weve had an amazing ride, met an insane amount of people, toured countries wed never even dreamed wed get to see and made music together that in some crazy way has been responsible for taking us on that ride for well over a decade.

When we started this band the only hope and aspirations we had was to write music that we loved, play some shows and maybe make a recordweve surpassed that in so many ways, achieving three gold records along the way. Its grown to be a huge part of our lives but like the saying goes all good things must end and weve come to the end of the line. Weve had many curveballs thrown at us over the last fifteen years, some weve managed to avoid and others that quite nearly derailed us but weve always said to each other that when its time for this to end then we end it on our own terms, no one elses. So there we go, one chapter closes and another opens and life goes on.

To commemorate our band were playing one very last run of shows performing 'Hours' one night and 'Casually Dressed' the following night alongside songs from our other records and EP's. It only seems fitting that we make these shows something pretty special. These will be an incredible amount of fun so we hope you can join us for one last crazy ride.

Tickets go on sale 9am, Friday 18th of September. You can buy tickets for the individual shows or you can buy a bundle ticket for both nights at a special price.


We want to thank all our families and friends, all the past members of the band and those whove helped us along the way. Let us not forget all the amazing bands and musicians weve had the honour of sharing stages with over the years. Finally, much love to the fans who have bought our records, bought the tickets and who come out to sing, scream and dance along with us.

Much love to you all.

The End.


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Date:  September 14, 2015. 11:27 pm
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