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Interview with Toli from Wildways

Interview with Toli from Wildways

Wildways is a 5piece metalcore/hardcore band from Western Russia.

Shared stage with Asking Alexandria, Bless The Fall, Adept, The Ghost Inside, Betraying The Martyrs, Eskimo Callboy, Deez Nuts, Texas In July and many many more.Whether it is metalcore, emocore or hardcore, Wildways are not about genres.

Their music is about feeling. The overwhelmingly emotional lyrics and amazing stage presence fuse up with a unique blend of various core genres to create something that will blow you away!


Wildways was formed in September 2009 under the name Sarah Where Is My Tea. First fame in Russia after their debut selftitled EP. Start to play shows in hometown and surrounding cities. SWIMT have released their debut official video for the first single from future album in January 2011. Official Music video for This Is Not Twilight by Sarah Where Is My Tea hit more than 100,000 views on YouTube. They become one of the most famous metalcore band in Russia. Debut album Desolate was released in March 2011. SWIMT go on their first Russian headline tour and shoot 2 more official videos for their album songs. In october 2011 the band went on 1st European headline tour including Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Belarussia. After that they tour in Russia again in February 2012 and play their first UK tour with Dead Harts (Distort Records, The Agency Group) also including some shows in Germany, Belgium and Czech Republic. In september 2012 they toured Russia again and again with UK friends Dead Harts (Distort Records, The Agency Group). Guys start to record new album Love & Honor in February 2013. In march 2013 they have released YouTube cover for Lana Del Rey song Born To Die. Official music video gets more than 130k views. Next summer SWIMT releases 2 official music videos for singles from future album The Canvas (65K views) and The Idols Inside Us (95k views). Guys gets their first endorsement deals with Daddario Strings, Meinl Cymbals, ProMark, Evans and goes on biggest headline tour all over the Russia including Vladivostok. 90 percent of tour shows were sold out. After that boys become a winners of VANS Warped Tour Battle Of The Bands in Europe In a new 2014 year they goes in another European headline tour with VANS of the wall streetwear support. After that SWIMT start working with Denis Shaforostov (vocalist of Asking Alexandria, exMake Me Famous, Down & Dirty) like a band manager. He advice guys to change the band name to get more response from USA and Europe. In may 2014 they decided to change band name to Wildways and start to write new single What You Feel with Denis Shaforostov. WLDWS announced their new band name in june 2014 with the official video for one of the old song from last SWIMT album My Habitat. WLDWS releases new single What You Feel with official lyric video (65k views) in July 2014. In september 2014 WLDWS send demo songs to Cameron Mizell of Chango Studios and book record of their debut WDLWS album on February 2015. In October 2014 and january 2015 they played last Russian shows with old Sarah Where Is My Tea songs and go in USA to record new album.

This is a new chapter for WLDWS...

What is your name and what do you do in Wildways?

I'm Toli and I'm a Wildways singer

You guys recently released Faka Faka Yeah, a song off of your new album. How has the reaction towards that single been so far?

50\50, people just separated on 2 sides about that song and video. But we were ready for that for sure before we pushed it in web. Someone really love it and someone hate that. But I guess everyone who hated faka already love it, hahah.

What was the recording and writing process like for the upcoming album?

This question again, hahaha. I read it in every new interview I get on my e-mail by our publicist. Ok, so We've written more than 30 new songs for 1 year and just chose 12 gest and nice sounding for us. So what about recording process, it was the funniest time in our lifes ever. Our 1st experience to make a new record in US and this adventure was crazy as fuck from start to last. Best new experience ever!

Was there anything else different about recording this new album?

A lot of drunk stories ahaha, but I can't let you know about that.

What were some of your lyrical inspirations on the new record? Does the entire album tell a story or is each song individually themed and completely different from one another?

All songs on this album are all about different subjects, we don't have a main album theme. Last year I was (and probably still) in depression so I had a lot of time and thoughts to make something special for me, so I did that.

What can fans expect on the new record?

Something unexpected

What are some fun facts about Wildways that fans wouldnt expect?

No fun facts. Only real metal mans here

Looking back at your last record, "Love & Honor", how would you say people reacted to it overall?

They still so love it and a lot of fans still want that time back and honestly I can understand them cause a lot of them just weren't ready about all changes we did.

What was the most notable moment of that record cycle for you?

Song "Skins". Drunk as fuck gang vocals in vocal booth, haha.

What are some milestones you hope to achieve on the next record cycle?

To get one more record that I really love, like Love & Honor and Into The Wild. I hope I will have a lot of inspiration moments in the future to make it happen. Actually I already work on new stuff.

Whats the message you want people to take away from your music?

I just would like to help people live their lifes with good music.

What is next for Wildways?

APMA's best international act and 1st Russian band on VANS warped tour

Is there anything else youd like to tell our readers?

Make sure to listen our new Into The Wild album!

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