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Core Radio! - Deathcore (Collection)

Core Radio! - Deathcore (Collection)

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Deathcore (Collection)
Genre: Deathcore

1. Slice The Cake Ц Equilibrium
2. Before The Devil Knows You Are Dead Ц Dropped Dead Bodies
3. Lorna Shore Ц I Before You
4. Arise The Titan Ц Eyes of the Betrayer
5. Veil Of Maya Ц Punisher
6. Pledge This Ц No Prey, No Pay
7. Bermuda Ц In Trenches
8. Corrosion - Mind Punishment
9. Onward to Olympas Ц The War Within Us
10. By Blood and Iron Ц Cocytus
11. Wolves Ц Into the Grave
12. Impurity Of Mriya Ц The Malevolent
13. Reflections Ц Good Push
14. Upon A Red Sky Ц After The Catastrophe
15. Four Five Ц Next Oblation
16. As Hell Retreats Ц Matriarch
17. The Devastated Ц Zombies
18. Fall In Archaea Ц The Messenger
19. Encounter The Masses Ц War Of Liberation
20. Poveglia Ц Andale
21. Viridia Ц Borealis
22. Beyond Cure Ц Coexistence
23. Annotations Of An Autopsy Ц Gore Gore Gadget
24. Above This Ц Eleaked
25. Labyrinthe Ц Flesh Fixation
26. Forceps Ц Transmutation Of Internal Organs
27. Visions of Disgust Ц Ominous Corruption
28. Point Below Zero Ц No Drugs For Jake
29. Perception Ц 100 Bodies Per Gallon
30. Waltz of the Rabid Ц Aboard A Broken Vessel
31. Eyes Of The Defiled Ц Final Judgement
32. Paradise In Exile Ц Hybris
33. Mummified In Circuitry Ц First Day In a Hearse
34. In Reference To A Sinking Ship Ц From Eden
35. AngelMaker Ц Squirrels

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February 19, 2012
8 years 4 months ago