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Various Artists (Metal Hammer) - March of the Maggots (2019)

Various Artists (Metal Hammer) - March of the Maggots (2019)

Genre: Nu Metal / Metalcore
Country: International
Quality: MP3, 320 kbps / FLAC

Nine exclusive Slipknot covers:
1. Employed to Serve Ч Purity (Slipknot cover)
2. Conjurer Ч Vermillion (Slipknot cover)
3. Blood Youth Ч (SIC) (Slipknot cover)
4. MSRY Ч Left Behind (Slipknot cover)
5. Hacktivist Ч Duality (Slipknot cover)
6. From Sorrow to Serenity Ч The Blister Exists (Slipknot cover)
7. Cursed Earth Ч People = Shit (Slipknot cover)
8. Void of Vision Ч Psychosocial (feat. Marcus Bridge of Northlane, Sean Harmanis of Make Them Suffer & Ryan Siew of Polaris) (Slipknot cover)
9. Subtraction Ч Surfacing (Slipknot cover)

Inspired by the Nine:
10. Jonestown Ч Burn Victim
11. Borders Ч Bad Blood
12. MTXS Ч Liberation
13. Terraborn Ч Call to War
14. Break Fifty Ч Gods
15. Bornbroken Ч Live or Die
MP3, 320 KBPS | FLAC

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August 17, 2019
7 months 2 weeks ago